Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter Running !

Hello, World and Happy New Year !

So, recently I decided to kick start my running, again. In the middle of a Canadian winter. lol
And with recently deleting my Facebook acount, I realized that I truly missed my virtual world of running buddies!!! So, here I am...Cheers to  supporting one another's fitness goals! I hope  that I will inspire you just as much as you inspire me. Will you take me back?

I remember some of you do not stuggle with Canadian winters ( lucky bums) like us canucks do. So, you can sit back and relax (and possibly laugh at us poor suckers huffin' N' puffin' the chilly winter air).
I recently researched the crap out of winter running gear and felt the need to share my new found knowledge of ice grips for running.  I have read a million reviews, chatted with other fellow runners, and spoke to retail staff at the Running Room and Sport Chek. Here are my recommendations; please remember that I am no professional. I do appreciate all comments, and if you have a product for me to test and review on my blog, please contact me :)

1. Kako Ice Trekkers-Diamond Grip take first place over the ever popular brand name Yak Trax and Kahtoola's
WHY FOR, OH WISE YODA? lol sorry.

Although Yak Trax are affective ice grippers, they have a continuous ongoing reputation for breaking down quickly. Take heed when you see a product selling replacement parts directly beside the product itself. I recommend YakTrax for casual use to prevent a slippery fall on your way to work, for an example.

Kahtoolas on the other hand are a fabulous product for those ambitious winter runners trekking on snow-filled trails.  They feature hooks on the toe of each foot to successfully grab the ice and snow as you run, as well as on the heel. They fit running shoes well and do not slap off while in motion.  But beware, this has been known to happen on occasion to some.  Do not purchase these babies if your winter running trail involves sidewalks or roads with possible encounters of bare pavement.

This leads me the Kako Ice Trekkers-Diamond Grip.  They are a flat ice gripper simular to the YakTrax.  But, Kako's will offer you durability! They stay put without slapping off your feet during a run. The only fall back I have found thus far is the need to rinse them after each use.  If this isn' t too high maintence for you, I highly recommend this product for your brave winter running, to prevent falling.

I hope this helps and motivates you to get out there in the snow and RUN! Please feel free to comment, I would love to hear what you think!
The Restless Runner xo

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