Monday, September 10, 2012

Where Have You Been All My Life?!

Ay Carumba! Where have I been all your life?! (lol) I am just kidding. But, I have seemingly fallen off the "blog-wagon", so to speak. Life happens, right? What can you do, just live it!
So, I think we can all agree that a brief update is long over due. Here is what I have been up to:

1. Picking my nose(ha, no not really)
2. Got myself a JOB! I am now a part of the employed population! Yay me! It only took a year of searching. But, if you find yourself in this boat, do not give up! It will happen in due time.
3. Nursing my poor, aching tootsies. I some how hurt them running. I am not sure how. But, figured instead of further injuring them, I had better rest them as much as possible in between working.  I am also fairly  confidant that I suffer from Morton's Toe  and plan on getting this looked at, in the near future.
4. Alas, it is a new school year for my daughter which brings upon us new expectations, challenges, quirks, and the dreaded  homework.  Not to mention a whole new morning routine that must mesh with my new work schedule.
5. My lovey's work schedule does not mesh with my running routine. Hmm...
6.  A case of the lazies took over. NO EXCUSES! (right?) Hey, it happens. No need to beat myself up. I just need to get with it. And go for a run! Now, that fall is upon us, and the air feels loads thinner, I can feel my motivation creeping back in.

That's it. I do not have enough reasons to make it an even 10. I apologize from the bottom of my squishy, blood-filled heart if you suffer from OCD and find this insufferable.  However, to my surprise I have toned up a little bit despite my lack of running-around-in-circles.  Those who know me well, know that I prefer not to use the weigh scale to measure success.  I prefer the measuring tape (I highly recommend this method if you are trying to lose some inches).
Here are my results:

                   May 2012                  June 2012                   September 2012         

Hips            35.5 inches                 35 inches                         33.5 inches                

Waiste        29 & 3/4  inches         29 inches                         28 inches                   

Butt             36 inches                   36 inches                         35.5 inches                 

Chest           38 inches                  36 inches                          36 inches                   

Bicep           12 inches                   10 inches                         10 inches                   

Thigh (Upper)   21.5 inches                21 inches                         20.5 inches                

Bulge           (May) N/A            (June) 34.5 inches           (July) 33.5 inches          (Sept) 33 inches

Total Inches Lost (drum roll please) :            10 inches !!! 
(give or take a smidgen, my math is terrible lol please correct me if I am way off.  Mind you, I could use a calculator, but, I am not over this couch potato thing just yet haha)

I have continued to eat healthy while not running.  I cut out pop & juice all together. I lessened the amount of sugar I put in my coffee.  I watch my portions at meal times, especially with pasta. Which I eat less of.  I also stopped snacking so much after 7pm. I rarely eat candy, but I do treat myself to dark chocolate once a month (lol right ladies?) You can check out the health benefits here and STOP feeling so guilty! (you're welcome).

Although, I do have one major weakness which consists of Tostitos and Salsa with melted cheese and sour creme lol (cringe).  I increased my water intake, as well as fruits and veggies. I ALWAYS eat breakfast. For real. I always have something for breakfast, within the first half hour to kick start my metabolism even if I don't feel like it.  It usually consists of oatmeal and a glass of 1 % milk, or a piece of toast with peanut butter (and a glass of 1 % milk), or one serving of cheese and an apple or banana (with a glass of 1 % milk lol).  I love milk. Gotta have it! ;)

Occasionally I will have an egg, bacon (2 slices), and 1 piece of toast. (with a glass of milk, of course! lol).   I have even prepared a salad for breakfast lol. I am weird like that.
The other thing I do religiously while not running is walking. I walk everywhere! We do not own a vehicle at the moment. I almost do not even have a choice, but to walk! Since growing a set of wings is out of the option, taking a stroll is the way I roll! (you just rolled your eyes, didn't you lol ?).

Anywhoo, I hope you enjoyed this blogger update.  I will be posting new ideas for your running playlists, or listening pleasure, in my next post.  So, you can look forward to that.

Happy running, everyone!! 
~ The Restless Runner

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