Monday, March 19, 2012

Why Run? And How To Start!

If you are in Ontario, Canada, it is morning here. So, Goodmorning! I have  my coffee beside me, my daughter is back to school after a fantastic March Break and it is already plus 12, outside!

If you are a runner, you know how hard it is lto take that first step.  And if you are just starting out, or stumbled upon my blog for the first time today, I hope you get inspired to join me on my running journey! Why run, you ask?

Because, in real life, you can't run away from your problems, your stress, bills, debt, or conflicts that life presents us.  But, for that 10 minutes, or 1 hour that you are pounding the pavement with each exilerating step, you can! Your brain has a burst of endorphins and releases feel good chemicals that will lift even the lowest of moods. You are ONE work-out away from a great mood! Not to mention, your body will look fantastic- but have patience. Change takes time.  Running will teach you perserverance, because WE will not give up! Running will surprise you with new-found confidance.  Running, and fitness in general, will make you WANT to eat healthier.  Because you won't want to put junk into you body after a work-out.  But, if you do, please forgive yourself.

I could go on and on.  
No More Excuses!

The first time I tried running was three years ago.  I used this AMAZING program called Couch to 5k.  Have you heard of it? Here is the link :

This program will slowly build your stamina with a walk-run method and alternate you between run days and non run days, in which you will do NO cardio. Off days or no- run days are vital to your success, as you will be focusing on building your muscle tone/flexibility and strength through weights and stretching.
Why is this nessesary, you ask? Why can't I run everyday like I am a machine?  The answer is this: If you do not take your off days, you will injure your body. And that is so incredibly dissapointing, trust me I know!  Stretching will improve your flexibility and make you less susceptable to injury.  Building muscle strength will help to improve your stamina so you can accomplish that long distance run in the future.  You do not need a gym membership to do this.  I can not afford one, and it will not stop me.  I will teach you various methods in my next post.

Check out the link, I think that you will be pleasantly surprised. Leave your comments below. And enjoy your day!
-The Restless Runner

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Please consult your physician before starting any fitness program.  I am not responsible for any injuries you may inhabit through excersise.  This blog is a place of positive support, and harrassment will not be tolerated.  Inappropriate comments will be deleted.  I do not support eating disorders in any way shape or form.  I do not sell any items featured on this blog.

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