Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pulled Calf Muscle, You Can Go Eff Yourself!

Ya, I said it, many times over these past few weeks-  My pulled calf muscle can go Eff itself! After 2.5 weeks of R.I.C.E therapy (Rest.Ice.Compression.Elevation.), I awoke yesterday to no pain what so ever in my calf! Thank goodness, because sitting around on the couch was becoming unbearable.  I walked my daughter to school and got down to business. Iced it, stretched it, had a hot bath, stretched it some more, and then gingerly headed out for a small  fan-tabulous run! I began small, and paid close attention not to over pronate (or make giant leaps and bounds of pure excitement lol). Everything felt okay 5 min into it, so I continued keeping a steady and slow pace.  I stopped to walk for 30 seconds and then I picked up my pace, once again.  I am proud to say that I did not return home for 45 minutes and when i did, I was a hot and sweaty mess! I am proud to report I highly resembled  a... Grecian Goddess! Like...a..lubed up...swim suit model! Like a sparkly....Victoria's Secret Angel!!! I know, right! I even felt like I could rock a Zumba class like a model on the DVD Zumba videos!'s OK, a girl can be a little delusional for a few minutes. No worries. 

I decided to invest in some compression sleeves for both legs. Next pay day. Pinky-promise to myself. I am considering the ones on the left.  Both pairs are from Road Runner Sports Apparel .  Any words of advice, anyone? Do you currently wear compression sleeves to reduce muscle fatigue, and prevent injury, as well as to reduce post-run recovery time? (those are the benefits, by the way) If so, I would love to hear what you have to say about them! I will even say please...

-The Restless Runner 

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Janene said...

I have a pair of Tommie Copper compression sleeves that I use for recovery and I swear by them! I sleep in them the nights after long runs or hard workouts, but I think I might also get some Zensah sleeves to run in. I've heard good things about both CEP & Zensah, so I'm sure you'd be good with either!

The Restless Runner said...

Thanks so much, Janene! I will Google the Tommie Copper. I think this is going to make a big difference. =)I hope lol

The Restless Runner said...

Janene: I looked in to the Tommie Copper and I am amazed at how great the price is and the reviews are fantastic! I think I may try these ones first. Thanks again =)