Saturday, April 14, 2012

WeGo Health: My Dream Day

Day 14: Describe Your Perfect Day

Being jobless in Canada has given me many opportunities to day dream.  There is nothing I want more than to find a job to pay off the interest rate of my student loan (which is required for me because I am late making payments, and have used up all of my deferral options, because I can not find work. Gotta love the great circle of Life Debt)so that I can continue with my schooling and finally graduate! But, I remain hopeful and the job search continues. With that being said and done...

My perfect day consists of awaking to the sweet, rushing sound of crashing waves and the rich aroma of perfectly blended coffee already brewing that my love prepared for me.  I have no chronic pain.  My body feels healthy.  The weather would be warm with a slight beach breeze.  Our master bedroom would be over looking the ocean, as would our children's bedrooms, also.  My children would be enjoying a healthy breakfast and playful banter among themselves while waiting for me.  My husband greets me with a kiss and a hug (and a coffee lol).  
After breakfast, we all head out for our morning walk along the beach with our playful dogs. When my husband goes back into the house to get ready for work, the kids and I would do some Yoga, together on the beach. Then, I drive them to school and myself to the Children's Hospital where I work as a nurse in the Oncology Unit.  My work day would be bitter sweet, rewarding, compassionate, and heart felt, challenging. I would go for 3 mile run on my break to refresh, and re-center myself. 
Upon returning home in the evening, I find my family busy in the kitchen helping one another prepare dinner.  I run to change and sit down at our breakfast island to join in on the conversation.  I savor the moment, listening to our kids tell me excitedly about their school day.  After enjoying a delectable dinner of barbecued salmon and salad, and some home made bread.  After dinner, we grab our sweaters and head down to the beach to watch the sun set.  
After we read a bed time story to the littlest one and the older ones retire to their bedrooms for the night, my love and I snuggle down to watch a movie and sip on a glass of red wine together.  

That, would be my dream day.  A healthy family life, a home, a car, and a career, some pets, and zero pain.  So many people already obtain such necessities, I will get there also, someday.  My glass is half full. 
Some day, My Dream Day will become a Dream Come True ;) 
Thank you for reading. Don't ever give up on your goals! 

-The Restless Runner 

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