Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Smashed Worms & High Five-d A Guy

I still can't believe it survived! 
I poorly wrapped my crappy little Mp3 player in saran wrap, threw on my base ball hat, and tied my laces. It was only 5 degrees above zero outside and I was heading out at 11 pm in a torrential down pour, for a run.

No excuses!
Make time!

That kind of run. The kind where you gotta drag your booty out that door, whining and pouting. Because, deep down, you know that if you skip this run-you will have regrets.

                                        I am done with regrets!!!

So, I'm pounding pavement and smashing worms, sloshing right through gritty puddles, as others are running to their vehicles, struggling with umbrellas, trying to escape the rain.... I just smiled to myself.  I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. Sure, I can only run 2 miles, for now.

But, it's two more than I could run one month ago! For that reason, I am proud.

Then up a head of me, something fantastic was unraveling;  a fellow runner, in the dark, at 11 pm,  in this torrential downpour, was headed towards me at a steady pace! I thought this was awesome, as I usually run alone. And then he did something pretty cool; he raised his hand for a high five, as we approached one another!   I didn't leave him hanging! We high five-d with smiles on our faces, a sense of  Comradery.  

That was all the encouragement I needed to complete my last mile in the pouring rain, at 11 pm (awesome ).      

This is Me, being brave
(Don't Laugh lol)
Just before my run in the rain.

           Would love to know if you stopped by! Leave a comment and have a great evening !
                                                         -The Restless Runner



Melody said...

That is AWESOME!! I'd gotten a high five before on a huge hill run. Great feeling :)

The Restless Runner said...

It was a first for me :D Very awesome!!!