Sunday, April 22, 2012

Featured Blogger!

I began my blog as motivation for myself, as well as others. To learn from and to post what I learn.  But, one thing that I have found and especially more so since I created my Facebook Page , was the sense of belonging to a great group of people.  People who take pride in running, or being fit, and having the same goals as myself in creating a better and healthier way of living.

One fellow blogger and I had a lovely chat on my Facebook page and she was so kind and welcoming that I decided to feature her and her blog. I love her blog! I think it is such a fab idea!

Run A 5k in 2012

This is Kristine from

So, Kristine features fellow runners and their 5K results on her blog from around the globe. It is really motivating! P.s : She is really sweet and kind :)

You can LIKE her Facebook page here
"I am trying to get 12 people to sign up for a 5k in their area. run it. walk it. push a stroller through it. I don't care, but sign up and do it.Don't be someone that says, 'i've never done that' because you're too afraid you'll fail or look foolish."

Her lists of fellow runners is growing and she has created a positive community for motivation. The stories on her blog are truly inspiring.  I really can not wait to join in and share my own 5K race! Hopefully, if I stay on track, my story will be there among the others, later this summer :)

-The Restless Runner

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