Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New PR !!

I was so utterly stuck in a running rut! Until now =)
Decided to drag my lazy butt off the couch and end my Woe is Me pity trip of chronic pain. I laced up and hit the pavement at 10 pm.  Not a cloud in the sky, bright stars, slight breeze and 20 degrees. Perfect.
I just ran.
and ran.
and ran.
I decided to take along some words of encouragement  from fellow runners on my Facebook Page.
And WOW! I sure kicked that running rut's ASS! I completed my Lollipop 5K route for the first time!! Fantastic! I walked once for 30 seconds while crossing a busy road and then once more for 45 seconds at a traffic light. I ran the rest. Here are my results :

Distance                    Duration                     Avg Pace
3.18mi                37:01         11:38min/mi          

I would like to thank Anywhere 5K for their innovative website that encourages anyone,anywhere to get out and get active, any time! For free =) You can add your results onto their results page and see how you measure up from others around the world that ran on the same day as yourself. Fantastic! 

~The Restless Runner


Monday, May 7, 2012

If You Like Milk Shakes, Try Smoothies!

I stumbled across some fantastic tips, today from Secrets Of A Health Freak and just had to share them with you! Feel free to Pin Them !  =)

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Couch To 5K Running Plan

Here is the Plan I began with. Now, I just run until I can run no longer, walk for  a min and  Repeat.
Hope this helps all the beginners out there! =) 
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