Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Excuse me, I fartlek-ed

So, I am patiently waiting for my Mister to be done with the lap top so that I can prepare these new blog posts I speak of on my Facebook Page lol.  He should hurry up before he makes a liar out of me lol

So, here's an update during the mean time. I am posting from my acer iconia tablet.

Last night's run was an utter fail. My Mp3 player died needed some recharging. And, I do admit that I am a runner who needs her music! I will run through snow, rain, heck, give me sleet ( gross ), I will still run like I am being chased by giant, venomous spiders! But, if  my Mp3 player is broken, lost, or recharging...look out, you will have one, whiney, grouchy runner on your hands!  So, tonight I will be better prepared for a wicked run.

However, few nights ago, while on my run....I was running (duh!).
And, this car load of college dudes ( I am old and drecrepid btw. 32 years of wisdom upon this girl, right here haha) decide to honk their horn very loudly as they drove beside me, scaring the crap out of me! so much that I sped up a fare bit while jumping in the air, startled.  Kind of like an axe murder was upon me. Excuse me, I might have farlek-ed.

On an entirely different note, one of my best friends will be taking some pictures of me running.  I will be brave and post some ;) Hopefully, a carload of college guys, giant spiders, and axe murderers will not be present during this photo session.

Have a wicked day, everyone! Don't be shy to let me know you stopped by :)

-The Restless Runner


On the Right Track said...

I stopped by ;)

Nice post...made me laugh...farlek-ed, ha ha!

Looking forward to the pics!

The Restless Runner said...

Hi :-) I am so happy it made you laugh, goal accomplished, then! Hehe :-) I will be catching up on some posts very soon, I hope! ;) Thanks for reading x