Sunday, July 8, 2012

Conquer the Morning- Running Playlist

Conquer your morning run with these ten songs ! Just trust me ;)
Warning: some of the lyrics may not be for the faint of heart. But, these songs do carry a catchy, easy rythym that I find perfect to rejuvinate you in the wee hours of your morning run. Enjoy :)

1.Deftones- Shove it 3:35 min (Rock)
2.The Dwarves- Massacre  3:03 min (Rock)
3.The Game- Hate it or Love it 3:26 min (Rap)
4.Kanye West- All Of The Lights 4:59 min  (Hip-Hop)
5.Kid Kudi (Steve Aoki remix)- Pursuit of Happiness 6:14 min (Dance)
6.Lupe Fiasco- Hello/Goodbye 4:26 min (Hip-Hop)
7.N.E.R.D.- Hot N' Fun 3:24 min (Hip-Hop)
8.Murder Ya Life (Remix)-Necro 2:56 min (HipHop/Rap)
9.In This Bitch DJ Christion ft Ace Hood- In This Bitch 3:08 min (Hip-Hop)
10.Project X: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack-Wale
Pretty Girls 4:16 min (Alternative Hip-Hop)

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-The Restless Runner


Ruby S said...

I named you for the Sunshine blogger award. See it here xo

The Restless Runner said...

Thanks so much! That is exciting! Xo