Monday, January 14, 2013

"How To Date A Runner"

Goodmorning, Runners!
I wanted to post a rather comical article I had found last summer, written by Barbara Gildea for Runners World dot com

She gives a witty take on the How-To's of dating a runner. You will definitley catch yourself laughing out loud through this one. Well worth the read, lol.
Some of her advice includes:
Laying the Bait and Surviving Running Conversation, and Running The Marathon.

Based around her own true events, this article is well written and will brighten your Monday morning blues. 

Gildea lives, writes, and runs in Quincy, MA. She has married her runner, prooving her technique of How-To Date A Runner very successful! You can find more of her creative writings here

Cheers to a new running week! Don't give up! 

 -The Restless Runner

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