Friday, June 15, 2012

20 random thoughts of a Canadian Girl, running.

1. My Butt Feels Heavy, lift those legs, Girl! 
2. I wonder if my boobs are bouncing too much? 
3. Boing-y-boing-y-boing-y....Boing-y-boing-y-boing! 
4. Oh wow, that person's yard smells bad! 
5. Oh, snap! A skunk!
6. POOP! 
7. I there, yet?
8. Those people are staring at me. Is it because I look hot, or ridiculous? Hmm...
9. I need a running buddy. They will be able to tell me how I look.
10. Should I post a picture of me running on my blog? Who would take it?? I really need a running buddy.
11. Ohhhh, I love that house!
12. Oh crap, I have to pee.
13. NO EXCUSES! Keep running!
14. Bring it on home! You can do this. Steady your breathing. 
15. You can pee a little, no one will everrrrrrrr know. HA! (I really did laugh out loud)
16. Oh this song has got to be deleted.
17. YES! This one can blow up my playlist all day long! Perfect.
18. Omg, my bladder is gonna explode...
19. Oh, I am hungry! mmmm cake...
20. Damn you pebble and your tripping skills! Oh look, HOME! boo-ya! 


MamaJ said...

Ha! Lay off the coffee ... Maybe you won't have to pee as much :)

The Restless Runner said...

HAHA !! I DO love my coffee ;)